Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Sci-fi: Stop with the damned holographs already

Just a brief note to every science fiction writer, director, producer, etc.: Holographs, as seen infuriatingly often in today's TV and film, are NOT POSSIBLE. Even the "hard science" series The Expanse has these damned things.

There is no basis in physics to suspend imagery (animated or still) in mid-air. None. Zero. Nada. All you're doing is making your "science fiction" into "techno-fantasy". It's magic, not science.


Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Does anyone actually test their product any more?

The subject here could easily be Apple again, but what triggered my tech anger most recently was imdb this time (er... and WordPress' piece of shit iOS app). Has anyone at imdb ever bothered to try writing a review on their own website, via Safari on iOS? I'm pretty sure they haven't. Wouldn't it be nice if they had some kind of feedback system that didn't require users to create yet another internet account on yet another 3rd-party website just to make a comment (that will be ignored by imdb) on a user forum about site problems?

I keep seeing shit like that... utterly broken websites and software features (and countless mistakes and typos in "news" articles) that just beg the question "did anyone actually check this before publishing it??"

Then there are the walls that these entities build between themselves and the outside world. The walls of callous disregard and arrogant isolation between themselves and the human beings actually using their broken products, ensuring as little interaction with said users as possible.

Go ahead, try contacting a human being at Google, or imdb, of Facebook, or a dozen dozen other tech entities...

Expertise is dead, and QA has been murdered as a way to avoid it being pointed out.

Taking one step further: customer service is nonexistent, especially on "free services". These companies hate interacting with their product (that's you). Even the users of paid products are treated like non-entities by most of these companies.

Congratulations tech industry. You've made an art out of antisocial behavior and successfully convinced most of the world (and all of the USA) that you should be excused from the most basic of expectations about your product. The tech business is the ultimate demonstration of unregulated, unaccountable business. No wonder there are so many libertarians in tech news comment forums...

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Advertising Industry's Self-Inflicted Injuries

Back in 2016, I reacted to an article on Apple Insider. They were reporting advertising companies complaints against ad blocking... i guess this is a good place to share my response.

Yet another sob story from the "capitalists" (specifically marketing warfare people) that saw a medium, invaded it, corrupted and hijacked it, and utterly ruined that medium for everyone but themselves. The Internet has gone from being an incredibly useful information utility, to being an incredibly slow, convoluted, obfuscated disaster of distraction and wasted bandwidth (and time).

Let me clarify: ad blocking tools are an invention to service a necessity. Stimulus - response.

Clarification of clarification: They did it to themselves!

If this leads to new pay sites with quality, curated content, and ads that aren't a burden to the reader and their Internet devices, then maybe we can finally move into some kind of maturity for this medium, after the unregulated free-for-all that went from "great free content for everyone" to "horrible and near useless for everyone but ad impression counters".

While we're at it, let's do the same with software and instill some damned warranty laws (in the USA there's nothing at all). Computers have been a Wild West of unrestrained abuse. While the corporations were busy complaining about intellectual property theft by their own customers, they were doing everything in their power to avoid having any and all accountability for their own products or behaviors. Capitalism has, historically and contemporaneously, repeatedly shown that it requires regulation in order to restrict it from limitless abuse of customers, employees, the environment,  and markets themselves. There's no self-regulation. Ultimately, the people and/or their governments have to step in and say "actually, that's not ethical".

The irony here is how capitalists abuse and destroy the system and then have the audacity to tell us that WE are "morally reprehensible" by attempting to take back a little of the sanity they destroyed.

No, advertising industry, I wont disable my ad blocker. Your fault.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

holy shit, Apple got the message (Mac Pro)

While this means I am absolutely waiting ANOTHER 1.5 years (!!) for a new pro machine, at least Apple has woken the everloving fuck up and acknowledged the problem with the Mac Pro situation. Maybe this will slow the defection from Mac to PC and they'll stop bleeding from their self-inflicted wound...

Monday, April 3, 2017

Password Rules Sanity: It's actually not hard

This is one of the best tech articles by a tech person I've read in a very long time... Because the author is brutal about the stupidity of password rules. Go read it: Password Rules Are Bullshit

Monday, January 2, 2017

Blogger is absolute garbage on mobile

And Google doesn't care.

(viewing blogs is generally fine; it's the creation and editing of blogs that is miserable on mobile)