Tuesday, July 12, 2016

iOS has become abysmal (bug video demonstrations)

Here is a playlist of iOS 9 bugs that someone put together (thank you). I've reported some myself. Many months and iOS versions ago. Apple does nothing. iOS 7 broke so much stuff in iOS that the bug list never gets shrunken. The developers can't catch up while driven to add new features (many seemingly designed by marketing, so Apple can announce new versions every 9 months).

iOS 2-6 sold me on this device family, and iOS 7-9 have made me wish droid wasn't a total pile. So long as apple knows droid is worse, iOS can continue to become more bloated and buggy without losing much market share.

Share price is all that matters to the "masters of business administration" management and leadership at Apple. The board of directors is not there for the customer. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for a while, but I'm now fairly certain Tim Cook is not capable of being the kind of CEO that Jobs was. They're different people, surely, and I like Cook's public social politics, but Apple needs a strong visionary (hell, this whole fucking nightmare industry needs a strong visionary, and one that's not a fucking geek), not just a supply chain management genius. Jobs was an arrogant and abusive ass, but he also had a very strong and solid vision for the computer industry, with the forceful personality required to bully the board of directors and major shareholders into allowing the company to focus on product quality, where form resulted from function, rather than the current hipster Jony Ive flat/thin minimalist trend bullshit of function being sacrificed for form.

The look of the software is bad but the behavior is far worse. I can excuse bad visual style for something that works very well. I cannot excuse iOS today. Just try editing text on iOS on pages like blogger or many forums. If you cannot even rely on text selection working correctly on websites, why would you trust your data to be cared for by iCloud?


Edit: the bugs in the videos that I encounter most are the Safari page previews being wrong (same for task switching previews, which is not shown in the video) and the swipe-up control panel and swipe-down notification screen spontaneously failing to operate when the appropriate edges of the screen are swiped up or down.

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